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SPOT 4 TOTS provides 
fun and functional Speech,
Physical and Occupational Therapies
to the children of Las Vegas.

We offer the children and families of Las Vegas the highest quality of therapy by creating a fun therapeutic learning environment that your child will want to attend. At SPOT 4 TOTS, we believe a child’s life should be fun, and we intend to keep it that way! 

SPOT 4 TOTS  provides services for children with developmental delays, decreased mobility, gait deviations, coordination dexterity, strength and/or range of motion deficits, and musculoskeletal pain. We help children and teens recover from temporary problems, such as sports injuries. We also work with patients who have long-lasting conditions, including those that affect gross motor skills such as walking, running and playing. We develop an individual plan of care made just for your child or teen, and coordinate the care among all of the providers your child sees.

Children’s physical and occupational therapists know the profound joy of helping children and their families achieve greater happiness under challenging circumstances.

Our clinic has a super fun gym with trampolines, slides, imaginative play areas, and rock climbing walls. We believe that if children are happy and excited about therapy, they have the potential to make much faster progress! Every child responds best to a unique, carefully crafted treatment plan which the therapist creates that is client-focused. Pediatric therapists also teach children and their families and safety and home exercises since improving performance often requires daily practice.


Therapy Services

Therapy Services
Speech Therapy
Therapy Services
Physical Therapy
Therapy Services
Occupational Therapy


Spot 4 Tots is contracted with Medicare, Nevada Medicaid including Health Plan of Nevada Medicaid and Anthem BCBS plus various commercial and workers' compensation insurance carriers.

As each insurance provider is different, so are co-payments, deductibles and certain physical therapy benefits. In order to provide a smooth experience for our patients, insurance benefits and eligibility are verified prior to service, and insurance is billed as a courtesy. Please contact our office for your specific benefit information. We are committed to serving the needs of our patients as a "whole" and are willing to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding your healthcare needs.

A medical prescription from a doctor is required for patients with Medicare coverage.

For those who are not covered by a medical insurance carrier, cash pay fee schedules are available. The cost of a physical therapy initial evaluation, consultation and treatment provided by a licensed physical therapist as well as further treatment fees are determined based on type of patient services rendered.


New Patients

Your child’s Pediatrician will generally send a referral for therapy and the clinic staff will call you to schedule an initial evaluation. Speech therapy patients must come to the clinic before scheduling the initial evaluation to complete documentation on your child’s health history. The information takes about 20 minutes to complete and ensures we schedule you with the therapist best qualified for your child.

When you arrive at the clinic, our receptionist will request that you complete the patient forms and make copies of your insurance and ID cards. This paperwork provides us with your health history and information on your condition.
Consultation & Examination
Once the information is collected and examinations are performed, a licensed therapist will give you a detailed report of all findings and answer any questions including: 
1. How can we help?
2. Treatment goals and possible outcome.
3. How often do I need treatment?
4. What will my treatment cost?

The therapist will also discuss if treatment by other providers is required.
Following your initial appointment, we will request authorization from your insurance carrier based on the therapist’s plan of care. This can take from 3-14 days depending on the insurer. We will contact you to schedule follow-up treatment when authorization is received.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to cancel my appointment?
Appointment reminders are sent by text message 24hrs before your appointment. If you are unable to attend the appointment please call immediately to reschedule. A late cancellation for of $45 will be charged if you cancel on the day of your appointment
Can I leave to run errands while my child is in therapy?
No. We ask all parents to stay either in the building or car park to be available in case of emergencies. The therapist may need to speak with you during the therapy session if there are concerns and it can be disruptive for the child knowing you have left the facility.
How long will each session last?
Each session is generally 30-45 minutes. You may be required to stay longer if your child is having multiple services. There is a TV and activities for other children while in the waiting area.
What if my baby is crying?
It is normal for children to cry and be a little distressed when leaving their parents for therapy. Our therapists are experienced in working through children’s anxiety and will come to ask you assistance if necessary. We ask that you do not go back to the therapy area and help unless asked as this can be disruptive to the child’s progress.

Contact Us

We are in the Las Vegas Medical District at
3213 W Charleston Blvd., Suite 105 Las Vegas 89102 near UMC hospital