Appointment reminders are sent by text message 24hrs before your appointment. If you are unable to attend the appointment please call immediately to reschedule. A late cancellation for of $45 will be charged if you cancel on the day of your appointment

No. We ask all parents to stay either in the building or car park to be available in case of emergencies. The therapist may need to speak with you during the therapy session if there are concerns and it can be disruptive for the child knowing you have left the facility.

Each session is generally 30-45 minutes. You may be required to stay longer if your child is having multiple services. There is a TV and activities for other children while in the waiting area.

It is normal for children to cry and be a little distressed when leaving their parents for therapy. Our therapists are experienced in working through children’s anxiety and will come to ask you assistance if necessary. We ask that you do not go back to the therapy area and help unless asked as this can be disruptive to the child’s progress.